Polish officers in the Begian army in the 1830.

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Polish officers in the Begian army in the 1830.

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Gepard schreef:The Attitude of Belgium towards the Polish November Uprising.
In 1815, the Congress of Vienna decided to unite Belgium, at that time occupied by France, to Holland, ignoring the wishes of the Belgians. Religious differences between the inhabitants of the northern and southern Netherlands and a growing dissatisfaction with Dutch rule brought about an uprising in Brussels on September 25, 1830 against the Dutch reign. It was the next revolutionary outbreak, after the July revolution in France, and was delivered against the diplomatic order set in 1815. The mediation of Great Britain prevented further military actions, and on October 4, 1830 Britain and France guaranteed the neutrality and independence of Belgium. Nevertheless, the new state had a feeling of being in danger from both Holland and the Holy Alliance, whose leader was Russia-a principal opponent of political changes in Europe. The eruption of an uprising in the Kingdom of Poland, aimed at the tsar, was a distraction and prevented the intervention of Russia's army in the Belgian Revolt. The November Uprising in Poland weakened the defenders of the ancien regime, increasing the Belgians' chances of permanent emancipation. The Poles grew to be the natural allies of the Belgians and they gained at once their sympathy.

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