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door raindropz
22 aug 2016 13:33
Forum: Ruilbeurzen
Onderwerp: Wapen/Militariabeurs Ebernhahn DUITSLAND 17+18.4.2015
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Re: Wapen/Militariabeurs Ebernhahn DUITSLAND 17+18.4.2015

It was great to know and read about original historical military artifacts, collectors of weapons and other contemporary historical collectibles that will appeal to experienced, serious collectors. Most of the pieces on offer comes directly from veterans and their families, off road gear but also th...
door raindropz
22 sep 2014 11:53
Forum: De VN-Missies
Onderwerp: Buitenlandse opdrachten of operaties
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Re: Buitenlandse opdrachten of operaties

I guess I was not aware of any of this Foreign missions you were discussing above. It would be better if you cans hare me other threads which stating in detail about the Foreign operations. I am really interested to know about the historical things. Thank you. ________________________________ qspray
door raindropz
27 aug 2014 07:59
Forum: Ruilbeurzen
Onderwerp: Militaria-kalender ?
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Re: Militaria-kalender ?

I am looking for the calendar 2014 to be downloaded, but it is showing the 2013 one only. powered sem When I search for the 2014 calendar it results zero entries. Can anyone provide me with the direct link for the calendar? It will be easy to download the application.

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